Mai Chau

A hidden gem, an idyllic valley, hemmed in by hills, the Mai Chau area is ¬†world away from Hanoi’s hustle. The small town is quaint and unappealing, but just outside, a patchwork of rice fields rolls out, speckled by tiny Thai villages. A traditional stilt house was to be my bed for the night. The […]

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Top Tips for Airports

Let me start by saying how important it is to follow these simple steps, they will not only make your life a whole lot easier, it will also benefit those around you. Move quickly or out-of-the-way – Surprise!¬†Believe it or not, there are others around you. Crazy right? Who would have thought. Now I do […]

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Airport Antics

People rushing to and fro, heels clicking on the cold hard floor, the thick smell of jet fuel wafting through automatic doors, tears running down faces as loved ones depart. A cacophony of sounds, sights and smells. Organised mayhem, like clockwork. Weary eyes. Bitter coffee. Restless bodies. Lengthy flights lay ahead. I absolutely love airports […]

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